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Yoga Teacher

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My Story

Everyday living and a lifetime of learning are the raw materials from which I construct both a
practice that nourishes me and a life I love. More than twenty years into my journey on the
yogic path, I experience again and again the alchemical power and transformative potential of
Yoga as a life practice.


Whether teaching yoga, guiding meditation, educating about Ayurveda or mentoring others, I take an integrated approach with the intention to nurture in each of us a sense of maitrī, or lovingkindness for oneself, the foundation for whole-hearted living.


I have been blessed to have teachers and guides whose authenticity inspires my own commitment to embodied living with passion and purpose and I am humbled and grateful to accompany
others as a fellow traveler, teacher, and forever-student.

Courtenay teaches in English with Italian translation possible.